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The Depal-L series depalettizers are designed for lifting complete layers of containers from a pallet and placing them onto a conveyor for laning and transferring to downstream machines.

The lifting system can be with inflatable membranes, vacuum plate of magnetic type. Models available are Depal-L 40 for medium and low production speed and Depal-L 130 for higher performance (up to 130 layers/h) . Typical applications are for depalettizing bottles, jars and plastic containers.

I sistemi di presa possono essere a membrane gonfiabili, ad interferenza, piastra d’aspirazione o magnetica.

Following accessories are available:

  • Pallet transport system
  • Tray or layercard removing device
  • Tray magazine or compressor
  • Magazzino pallet vuoti
Depal-Lconmembranegonfiabili Sistemadepalettizzazioneautomaticopertaniche
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