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Compact pal

With a footprint of just 7 sqm and a production speed up to 150 layers/h, the Compact Pal offers the best Performance/dimensions/price ratio on the market. Thanks to the “shutter” roller system the Compact pal can handle any kind of container, including open trays, display cases, cans etc in any conceivable layer pattern. The Compact structure is based on a frame with integral electrical cabinet and HMI. This configuration simplifies and minimizes installation and transport times/costs. Quick and tool free change-over with programs controlled by standard PLC, Touch screen HMI with simple and user friendly operating menu. Various configurations with integration of accessories such as pallet roller conveyors, automatic pallet magazine, layercard inserter, Shuttle for double pallettizing line , automatic pallet stretch wrapper etc are available.



The CP-V is a medium speed pallettizer designed to pallettize cases, trays or bundles of product. The product infeed and layer collation table is at 2.400 mm from the floor and during the whole pallettizing process the pallet remains at low level. The system can have single, double or triple infeed, the complete layer if formed on the collation table by 2 independently driven pushing bars. The system can be equipped also with a 2 or 3 position pallet shuttle for multi-product pallettizing.

Modular design and compact dimensions make the CP-V pallettizer a flexible solution for single or multiple line pallettizing for any kind of product. Indicative speed of the system is 200-250 layers/h.


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